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My History

My name is Isidro Arroyo, I am 43 years old and the third oldest of ten. I am married and have two wonderful boys, ages nine and seven. My wife and I plan on reopening our advertisement Agency, where we published the first Latino wedding Magazine in Los Angeles for the past nine years; this idea came after the production of my first radio show, “The Hour of The Savings”, a few months prior. My favorite sport is Soccer; I am extremely passionate about it, since my last attendance to the world cup in Germany, I plan on attending all upcoming world cup events and intend on making it a tradition. Politics intrigues me thus I am always trying to be informed by reading newspaper articles on current topics and I enjoy watching CNN. Being social and maintaining my-self information has helped me accomplish many successful opportunities in business, that is why I enjoy meeting wonderful and interesting people in every single encounter and turn every learning experience in to an opportunity.



     After being married for a year, I was driven to work in a Spanish Radio Station “Radio Unica”. Working as an Account Executive, I noticed that I needed to become creative in order to keep bringing in new clients to maintain my position; this is what inspired me to create my own radio Show named “The Hour of the Savings”. The purpose of the show was to offer various discounts to couples who were getting married, from businesses such as wedding planning, Jewelry, bridal Boutiques, Tuxedo shops, Limousine Services, and even Real Estate Brokers within one hour, in turn, this gave opportunities to local businesses to advertise on the Radio at a very affordable price while generating a more direct business approach for my clients.

The creation of the Radio show gave me the courage to open up my own advertisement agency. Linda Novia became my main source of income through its nine consecutive successful years. It was the first Bilingual Wedding Magazine in Los Angeles, of which many other companies followed in my direction, but none of them had the trajectory that I was able to establish. Unfortunately, due to the recession in 2009, I was forced to stop publishing; as many of my clients began to close their businesses as well as big companies began to cancel their contracts. This situation made me realize I had to restructure my company in a different way, thus encouraging me to go back to school to further my education by obtaining a Bachelor Degree in Marketing. This will not only help me reopen my publishing company again, but it has also given me an idea on how to get my magazine to target the right businesses and couples in a different approach.

Attending the World Cup in 2006, with two of my brothers, was one of the most memorable experiences in my life. I had the opportunity to visit Germany, and its neighboring countries such as; Belgium, Czech Republic, and Holland. I arrived in England at the Heathrow Airport, and stayed there for one day as well. While in Germany we saw Mexico play the first round and we cheered a player onto the field in a game against Portugal, which they won!  We also got to visit Hamburg, Gelsenkirchen, and Hannover.  While driving through those cities we got to visit other countries in our rental car. The architecture in Germany was amazing and displayed the culture of the European people, including the Berlin wall.  Spain won the World Cup that year! Going to this world cup inspired me to go to the World Cup in Brazil, taking place in 2014. It felt great being a part of the history of this game. This trip made me realize that anything is possible if you put the right amount of time, energy, and passion into it.



My motivation for the past 14 years has been my beautiful, inspiring wife. She is my right hand, and helped make my dreams possible in business and life. She gave me 2 amazing kids, named Adrian (9) and Isaac (7).  She has been very supportive and encouraging of me and never held me back from anything I wanted to do in life.  I was very fortunate to meet my wife at my job, and have her working with me. We have helped each other grow both in business and our relationship with each and our kids. Being married and having kids has made me realize that things have to be done the right way in order for strong relationships to be built. My wife and I encourage each other to gain higher education and will both have our Bachelor’s Degrees soon. She will have one in Mechanical Drafting, and I, in Marketing. We plan to re-open our advertisement agency in the summer.


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